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    Adult, Child & Pet Compounding Services for Melbourne

    Here at Keilor Village Chemmart Compounding Pharmacy, we use state-of-the-art equipment and devices to compound medicines. Whether you need customised medicines for adults, children or pets in Keilor, Keilor Downs, Taylors Lakes, St Albans, Sydenham, Hillside, Kealba and Sunshine, we offer our professional compounding services to you all.

    What are compounded medicines?

    Compounded medicines are made from scratch, using individual ingredients which are mixed together in the exact strength and dosage required. This method allows us to work with both you, the patient, and the prescriber to customise a medicine to meet your specific needs.

    Keilor Village Chemmart Compounding Pharmacy can improve therapeutic outcomes by solving problems doctors and patients have with:

    • Allergies to fillers and dyes in commercially available medicines
    • Discontinued or unavailable medicines
    • Finding a solution to aid swallowing oral medicines, such as difficulty swallowing tablets
    • Improving taste of commercially available medicines
    • Developing a dosage form specifically for your needs

    We compound medicines prescribed by doctors, dentists and veterinarians registered in Australia. On receipt of a prescription for a medicine to be compounded, we aim to complete your compound for same day collection, or we can express post anywhere in Australia.

    Compounding delivers solutions not easily met by commercial products. From combining multiple medicines into a single, convenient dose for hospice patients to delivering children's cough medicine with a palatable flavour, our experienced pharmacists in Keilor find you the right health care solutions.

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    Compounding for children

    If your child is refusing to take a medicine, we can help by flavouring the medicine to make it taste better, or by compounding the medicine into a dosage form that is easier to swallow. Our compounding services are designed to make taking medicine less stressful for both your children, and you.

    Keilor Village Chemmart Pharmacy appreciates that each child is unique and has individual needs. Some children have allergies and varying drug tolerances, requiring medicines that are sugar-free, gluten-free, casein-free, soy-free, or dye-free. As a result, it can be a challenge to find a commercially available medicine suitable for your child. Our caring pharmacists in Keilor can work closely with your paediatrician to formulate a medicine that meets all of your child's requirements

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    Compounding for adults

    Sometimes, a patient may not respond to available manufactured medicines. We can help by working with your doctor to prepare an individualised prescription for your specific needs.

    Whether you’re not responding to a medicine your doctor has prescribed, you’re having difficulty taking your medicine, or are experiencing adverse effects, our compounding services could be the answer. If you need a change in dosage form, we can work with you and your doctor to compound the needed medicine(s) into alternatives, such as:

    • Lozenges
    • Troches
    • Capsules
    • Lip balms
    • Mediated lollipops
    • Pessaries and suppositories
    • Creams, ointments, pastes and gels
    • Lotions and foams
    • Mouthwashes
    • Nasal drops and sprays

    Taking too many medicines at once?

    As part of our compounding services, we can combine compatible drugs into a single dosage form to simplify a medicine administration schedule. This may make it easier for you to take your medicines as your doctor intended.

    Is the medicine your doctor prescribed unavailable?

    When a medicine is out of stock, or temporarily unavailable, our reputable team in Keilor can usually obtain the needed active ingredient(s) to compound a similar preparation.

    Suffering adverse or allergic reactions to your medicine?

    We can formulate medicines to eliminate problem-causing excipients such as dyes, sugar, gluten, lactose, alcohol, and preservatives.

    Do you have difficulty swallowing your medicine?

    Keilor Village Chemmart Pharmacy can speak with your doctor about formulating your medicine in a different dosage form that is either easier to swallow, or does not need to be swallowed.

    Has your doctor developed a unique formulation to meet a special need?

    Often, prescribers develop unique formulations that meet the specific needs of their patients, or acquire tried and true formulas during their medical career that are no longer manufactured. We regularly prepare these customised medicines to ensure you always has access to the right formulas.

    Compounding for pets

    Some pets and animals won't respond to traditional methods of treatment. Sometimes, they need medicine at strengths that are not manufactured, or perhaps the animal needs a different method of ingesting the medication.

    Cats, for example, don't like pills, but they do like tuna. As part of our pet compounding services, we can flavour a medicine, or compound into a different dosage form so that they will take it with ease.

    Dogs don't appreciate a traditional solution of medicine being squirted into their mouth, but they'll take it gladly when it's flavoured with meat, or a tasty biscuit and treat by our compounding pharmacists in Keilor.

    Birds cannot take large volumes of liquid medication, but they will accept a small dose of a tasty, fruit-flavoured, concentrated solution, compounded by Keilor Village Chemmart Pharmacy.

    Veterinarian compounding meets these needs and provides a way for vets and compounding pharmacists to customise the prescribed medicine. Often, changing the flavour of the medication can help when a patient is refusing it. Adding flavour (such as our popular chicken, bacon, tuna or veal) can assist the process by making it more pleasurable for the animal and the owner.

    Our team of pharmacists and technicians in Keilor are trained in compounding services and medicines for such animals, and can compound medicines prescribed by vets registered in Australia.

    Our quality guarantee

    Compounding involves combining scientific methods with the art of compounding, which is similar to cooking in many ways. You can give different chefs the same recipe for a soufflé, but only some will have what it takes to make it light and appealing. It’s important to get the texture, the feel and appearance of the product just right, as well as the accuracy of measurements. This is what we focus on at Keilor Village Chemmart Compounding Pharmacy.
    When entrusting your health to a compounding professional, it is important that you have confidence that the person compounding your medication has the experience, training and systems to make an accurate and cosmetically appealing product. Our experienced pharmacists in Keilor have undergone extensive training by the PCCA (Pharmaceutical Compounding Chemists of Australia), and operate under the guidelines and regulations of the Pharmacy Board of Australia. We are also accredited under the Pharmacy Guild of Australia's Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCCP) which assures you that we operate under stringent standard operating procedures.

    Frequently asked questions about pharmacy compounding

    Is a compounded medicine covered under the PBS?

    Certain compounded prescriptions are partly reimbursed under the PBS on the Standard Formula List. Most are not, but you may be able to claim part of the cost back from your Private Health Fund.

    Can I get any reimbursement for the cost of a compounded medicine from my Health Fund?

    If you have Extras cover with your Health Fund, you may be eligible for reimbursement for part of the compounded prescription price. Different health funds and levels of cover provide different levels of reimbursement. Check with your health fund to see if they will cover your compounded prescription. They will need to know the active ingredients of your compounded prescription. We will provide you with a tax invoice describing the medicine and name of the compound, including active ingredients and strength(s) to take to your Health Fund.

    What is the expiry date of my compounded prescription?

    There are two types of expiry dates that relate to your compounded prescription:

    • The Prescription Expiry: The prescription is only valid for 12 months unless it is a prescription for an anabolic steroid, such as DHEA or testosterone, or a drug of addiction, such as morphine, amphetamine and ketamine, which is only valid for 6 months.
    • The Product Expiry: This is the expiry date of the actual compounded product. We use the APF or USP guidelines to determine the expiry date. The product expiry date depends on the expiry date of each of the ingredients, the stability of the formulation and whether or not a preservative is used. We apply a product expiry to each compound.

    Where do the active ingredients such as hormones come from?

    We source our active ingredients from TGA-licensed wholesaler Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia (PCCA). We are provided with a certificate of analysis for each ingredient so that we are assured of the ingredient purity.

    Are bio-identical hormones natural?

    Bio-identical hormones are hormones that are identical in chemical structure to the hormones produced in your body. They are synthesised in a laboratory from diosgenin which is a plant chemical extracted from yams and soy.

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    How long does it take to compound products?

    The following is a guide to how long different dosage forms take to compound.

    Dosage Form - Capsules

    Time - 1 hour (more if more than one active ingredient)

    Dosage Form  - Mixture

    Time  - 1/4-1 hour

    Dosage Form  - Suspension

    Time  - 1 hour

    Dosage Form  - Lollipop

    Time  - 3 hours (base needs to be melted and then solidify)

    Dosage Form  - Pessaries

    Time  - 3 hours (base needs to be melted and then solidify)

    Dosage Form  - Troche

    Time  - 2 hours (base needs to be melted and then solidify)

    Dosage Form  - Sub-lingual drops

    Time  - 1/4 hour

    Dosage Form  - Cream

    Time  - 1/2 hour

    Dosage Form  - Melasma Cream

    Time  - 1 hour

    Dosage Form  - Ointment

    Time  - 1/4 hour

    Dosage Form  - Gelatin Troche

    Time  - 3 hours

    Dosage Form  - Transdermal Cream

    Time  - 1 hours

    Dosage Form  - Lotion

    Time  - 1 hour (Minoxidil will take longer)

    Dosage Form  - Paint

    Time  - 1/2 hour

    Dosage Form  - Ear drop

    Time  - 1/2 hour

    Dosage Form  - Nasal drop or Spray

    Time  - 1/2 hour

    Dosage Form  - Vaginal Cream

    Time  - 1 hours

    These are the times taken if there are no other compounds to be made at the same time. Therefore, it is best to check how long your compound will take to be made.

    Call us today on 03 9336 7395 for same day compounding services!

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